According to the directory of thisisant the PM5 does not support the FIT profile, but this wrong – PM5 does support it.

  • Connect the watch to the PM 4|5. Setup any sort of workout or just start to row (as long as the stays connected, all sort of rowing will be saved within one session on the watch – very comfy!). Do your workout.
  • After you have finished, disconnect (turn off PM) from PM 4|5.
  • Import the session(s) into ST3 .

What you get is…


Or (zoomed in and partially selected to get detailed informations)…



Really. Extremely. Useful. Woooohoooo! 😀

Sidenote: And… byebye Rowpro (I hated this crappy piece of software), ErgData (not helpful for analysis, but more comfy for upload) and BoatCoach (much better than ErgData, gives some graphs/data, but not that helpful if you’re not an Excel pro).