How to train? It depends.

[…] Generally, each type of athlete needs to focus on training in a unique way. […] In my last post I proposed that an athlete should do a broad range of intensities throughout the year with only the distribution of that intensity varying. It’s based, in part, on the polarized 80-20 training research studies that have been gaining traction among athletes in the last 10 years or so, and, in part, on my personal experience. Several of you have noted that it’s a slight shift from what I’ve said in some of my books. And you’d be right. The times have changed. Training has changed. I’ve changed.[…]

One thought on “How to train? It depends.

  1. Although its not the conclusive answer that a lot of people are looking for, I think this is one of the best answers I have seen for the question “what training should I do”, and that in general it is focusing on volume only that people get wrong, rather that the intensity is considered and made sure to be accuratly balanced for the sport you are doing

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