Breathing Technique for Rowing

Still haven’t found my rhythm for all pace-SPM-combinations and still have to work on this topic. 😦

The CrossFit Rowing Blog

I had some questions from CrossFitters recently about breathing strategies for rowing. They had been watching some videos in which people were trying to apply deadlift technique to rowing – i.e. knees out, back straight, breathe in before the catch, etc.

There is not a huge body of work on this topic, because it’s something that has much less impact than improving your fitness or working on basic technique. Some coaches such as Xeno Muller have posted on this in the past, and there are few discussions on it on Rowing Illustrated and There is some disagreement on this. As someone who primarily rows on the water in a single scull and on a dynamic erg, this post is based on my personal experience and experimentation. It may not work for everyone.

This information is primarily targeted at indoor rowing on a static erg (standard Concept2) as…

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